The International Journal of Reminiscence and Life Review

The International Journal of Reminiscence and Life Review (IJRLR) publishes original work exploring the nature, function, and application of remembering the personal past within a wide range of research contexts and practice settings. Examples of fields incorporating memory for personal history as central to their focus include, but are not limited to, autobiographical memory, reminiscence, life review, oral history, and narrative studies.

The IJRLR is published by The International Institute for Reminiscence and Life Review, University of Wisconsin-Superior, PO Box 2000, Superior, WI 54880, USA.

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Vol 2, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents


Self-Aspect Reconstruction through Guided Autobiography: Exploring Underlying Processes PDF
Gary T. Reker, James E. Birren, Cheryl Svensson 1-15
Effectance Motivation: A Practical Outcome of Attachment-Focused Integrative Reminiscence PDF
Myra Sabir 16-30

Shared Reminiscence

Fred's Figs: A Legacy Tale (In Three Parts) PDF
Jennifer R. Sasser 31-35
Military Mothers and Grandmothers to War PDF
Victoria Burgess 36-44
My World War II Experience PDF
George J. Dubell 45-64
Because I'm So Well Adjusted (?): Part I PDF
Jean Bundy Scott 65-78

ISSN: 2372-1790